Tape casting of copper alloys for tribological applications

Contact   Carreño-Morelli Efraín
Title   Tape casting of copper alloys for tribological applications
Author(s)   Cans M., Hamdan H., Öner Y., Bidaux J.-E., Carreño-Morelli E.
References   Proc. of Euro PM2008 , European Powder Metallurgy Conference, Mannheim, Germany, September 29 - October 1, 2008, Vol.1, pp. 27-32
Abstract   Metal-ceramic friction materials have been fabricated by tape casting. Slurries composed of copper powder, solid lubricants, binder, plasticizer, dispersant and solvents have been developed. Tape-casting followed by hot pressing has been performed to obtain fully dense composite foils with homogeneous structure. In addition tape-cast foils have been sintered under pressure on steel substrates to obtain composite coatings, which exhibit good adhesion and enhanced tribological properties. In this work, the different stages to prepare homogeneous copper-graphite and copper-MoS2 slurries are described. A statistical method of image analysis is used to evaluate the solid lubricant distribution in the metal matrix. The tribological behaviour is characterized by pin-on-disc tests.
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