Tape casting of copper based shape-memory alloys

Contact   Bidaux Jacques-Eric
Title   Tape casting of copper based shape-memory alloys
Author(s)   Bidaux J.-E., Girard H., Sonney V., Hamdan H., Rey-Mermet S., Carreño-Morelli E.
References   Proc. of European Powder Metallurgy Conference Euro PM2009, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 12-14, 2009, Vol.1, pp. 371-376.
Abstract   The fabrication of Cu-Al-Ni-Mn alloys by tape casting followed by hot-compaction has been investigated. A slurry composed of a mixture of metallic powder, solid lubricant, binder, plasticizer and solvents has been used. Dense and chemically homogeneous Cu-Al-Ni-Mn shape-memory alloys have been obtained. The microstructure of the sintered compacts has been studied by scanning electron microscopy. The shape-memory effect has been demonstrated in bending.
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