Powder injection moulding of NiTi shape memory materials

Contact   Bidaux Jacques-Eric
Title   Powder injection moulding of NiTi shape memory materials
Author(s)   Bidaux J.-E., Jochem A., Carreño-Morelli E.
References   Powder Injection Moulding International, 2008, vol 2, N° 1, pp. 59-62
Abstract   NiTi parts have been produced by a new powder injection moulding route using a feedstock consisting of elemental TiH2 and Ni powder blended with an organic binder. The microstructure has been characterised by scanning electron microscopy coupled with energy-dispersive X-ray analysis. The sintered parts are porous except a dense surface layer. The bulk is NiTi with some Ti-rich domains. The surface layer is mostly NiTi with a dispersion of Ni-rich phases and some oxides and carbides. The presence of a martensitic transformation in the temperature range above room temperature has been shown by differential scanning calorimetry. Shape memory effects of more than 4% have been achieved.
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