Carbon nanotube - metal matrix composites

Contact   Carreño-Morelli Efraín
Title   Carbon nanotube - metal matrix composites
Author(s)   Carreño-Morelli E.
References   Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Taylor & Francis, 2006, pp.1-9
Abstract   High elastic modulus and very low density make carbon nanotubes excellent candidates for use as reinforcements in composite materials. Lightweight, high strength and stiffness, enhanced hardness and enhanced electrical properties are among the drivers for the development of metal-nanotube composites. Unlike nanotube reinforced polymer- and ceramic-matrix composites, the manufacturing of bulk metal-matrix composites has been the subject of a reduced number of studies, and remains a great challenge involving the expertise of materials scientists. Until now, most of the classical processing techniques have failed in obtaining acceptable results, an exception being the powder metallurgy route. Uniform dispersion of nanotubes in the metal matrix and high nanotube-metal interfacial strength are among the main issues to be solved. This chapter outlines the recent advances in the field.
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