Construction of a Peptide Microarray for Auto-antibody

Contact   Pfeifer Marc
Title   Construction of a Peptide Microarray for Auto-antibody
Author(s)   Vincent Cosandey, Fabien Debrot, Jérémy Kaeser, Roger Marti, Philippe Passeraub, Jannick Pétremand, Denis Prim, and Marc E. Pfeifer
References   Chimia, 2012, 66, No. 10
Abstract   Peptide and protein microarrays provide a multiplex approach to identification and quantification of protein-protein interactions (PPI), useful to study for instance antigen-antibody properties. Multivariate serology assays etecting multiple tumor auto-antibodies (TAA) is an emerging class of blood tests for cancer detection. Here we describe the efficient coupling of peptide baits derived from the BRCA1-associated RING domain protein 1 (BARD1) to a solid surface and detection of a commercially available anti-BARD1 antibody with this newly designed peptide microarray. Analytical sensitivity and specificity were shown to be comparable to a microtiter plate based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).
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