Contact-less Palm/Finger Vein Biometrics

Contact   Sierro Alexandre
Title   Contact-less Palm/Finger Vein Biometrics
Author(s)   Sierro A., Ferrez P., Roduit P.
References   Proc. of 14th International Conference of the Biomectrics Special Interest Groupe (BIOSIG)
Abstract   Email Print Request Permissions Finger and palm vein recognition, based on near infra-red images of the vein pattern of the finger or the palm, are promising biometric authentication methods. The main advantage of vein recognition over fingerprints is its touch-less nature, making it more robust to spoofing and more comfortable to the user. To this point, vein recognition has mainly been developed by private companies rather than by academic institutions and there are only a relatively limited number of scientific publications on the topic. This paper presents two palm vein and one finger vein imaging prototypes developed in our institution. An image database has also been acquired with each of these three prototypes.
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