Monitoring Labeling Reactions Using Fluorescence Polarization

Contact   Segura Jean-Manuel
Title   Monitoring Labeling Reactions Using Fluorescence Polarization
Author(s)   Crittin, Yvan; Héritier, Julien; Segura, Jean-Manuel
References   Chimia, 2013, 67, n°10, 740-741
Abstract   Fluorescence techniques are widely applied in protein research owing to their specificity and sensitivity, but require prior fluorescent labeling. Here we show a novel approach to optimize labeling protocols by monitoring labeling reactions using fluorescence polarization: the larger molecular mass of the fluorescent protein conjugate compared to the dye alone results in an increase in fluorescence anisotropy during the reaction. Thereby, labeling of lysozyme with fluorescein isothiocyanate or carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl ester could be monitored and the influence of parameters such as the pH could be quantitatively assessed. Moreover, the impact and kinetics of side reactions such as hydrolysis were determined. This new method is rapid, easy to implement, and generically applicable.
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