Additive Manufacturing By Solvent Jetting On Granule Beds

Contact   Carreño-Morelli Efraín
Title   Additive Manufacturing By Solvent Jetting On Granule Beds
Author(s)   Carreño-Morelli E., Rodriguez-Arbaizar M., Flückiger G., Cachelin C., Bircher F., Renner J., Richard J.
References   Proc. of Powder Metallurgy World Congress WorldPM2016, Hamburg, Germany, October 9-13, 2016, pp. 1-6
Abstract   A "Solvent on Granule" 3D-Printing technique has been developed, which consists in the spreading of a powder-polymer granule bed, followed by the selective jetting of a solvent (which softens the polymer contained in the granules), and layer consolidation after solvent evaporation. The granules are prepared by wet blending, drying, milling and sieving. The granule layer thickness can be set between 50 μm and 200 μm, and the volume of the solvent droplets is about 10 pL. A summary of preliminary results obtained with 17-4PH stainless steel parts in a former prototype device is presented. A new concept of table-top machine is developed in this work and its essential components and functions are described.
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